Cosmic Kristen Designs

Cosmic Kristen designs a.k.a Kristen is based in Southern California.She has been designing her own pins for about 3 years and started in the worldof Disney Fantasy pins. She has since branched off to work on a wide variety ofpins. Cosmic Kristen designs is made up of a US and Canadian based team andships locally from both to locations across the globe.

Kristen holds a master’s degree in Astronautical Engineeringand works full time on Rocket Engine Research & Development. She uses artas a way to express herself and as a creative outlet since her day-to-day life ishighly technical. Kristen has a troop of cat's who can be her toughest critic, butalso enjoy helping her quality control and package her pins.

Collaborating Artists

The Cosmic Kristen Team

Kristen Lundebjerg, Mike Jones, Louise Lesser