HeXeM inc.

Shane Hexem is a Digital Artist, Advanced Techniques Guitar Instructor, & 3D Pin Production Company Owner. Inspired by progressive music, vivid sacred geometry and sacral color healing. Hexem Inc. brings all facets of pin designing to life and Brings a subtle breath of fresh air to the love and craft of the world of pin art.

Producing and designing Pins for Top tier artists such as: Adi Granov (Marvel ™, Tool), Tetramode (current works in Las Vegas’s MeowWolf) and currently just landed the new upcoming psychedelic band, “Lucid Planet” for their debut 3D pin on pin. No matter what the medium, HeXeM Inc is turning art into 3Dimensional, eye candied game changers.

Collaborating Artists

The HeXeM Team

Shane Hexem, Jake Thaxton