The Roving House

The Roving House consists of couple Lauren Chalas and John Ford, who met in their Massachusetts high school art class and reconnected as adults in the Pacific Northwest. By the late 2000s, they were traveling the country together, playing music and selling their artwork out of backpacks along their journeys.

With inspiration from pin-ups, fairies, bugs, nature, memes, and beyond, they continue to create original designs year after year, while occasionally collaborating with other artists. In addition to pins, bags, stickers, and patches, The Roving House offers several subscription services, including “Roving House Gold” for blackout and whiteout pins, “Roving House Raw” for mod-ready pins, and “The Bug Box”, an insect & arachnid-themed collection of pins, stickers, magnets, patches, and more.

Their mission is to create “art that goes somewhere”, to delight collectors and casual pin wearers alike!

Collaborating Artists

Vlad Hat, Jan Hakon Erichsen, Dozart, Pretty in Kink

The Roving House Team

Lauren Chalas, John Ford